We’re A Digital Marketing Company Who Help You Achieve Trend-Setting Online Goals

We’re a hub of digital marketing innovators who are always motivated to push boundaries and re-write the rules to amplify your customer reach. Our suite of online marketing services is tailored to complement the existing media campaigns to see our clients succeed in spades.

Being a leading Digital marketing Agency, we provide an array of digital solutions which includes result driven SEO/SMO, PPC Campaigns with higher ROI, Social Media Marketing, advanced analytics and website design & development. Our experts make sure to provide you an integrated strategy to help you achieve tangible results. We are a renowned Digital Marketing Company who focuses on logical sequence to to ensure inclusion of strategies and implementation.

We have built our reputation as a Digital Marketing Company first and foremost on our ground-breaking and trend-setting results. Our mission is to provide you with ground-breaking results and make long term associations as a Digital Marketing Agency.

Search Engine Optimization

SAUV offers SEO strategies by selecting formats that match up both with branding and direct response objectives, along with the allocated company budgets. SAUV proposes to evangelize the company with the help of web marketing, SEO, press release using internet as delivery method which will result in more clicks potentially increasing the number of prospects and closures impacting in direct revenues. One can observe SEO results in 5-8 months time frame.

Online Newsletter

SAUV can design a monthly newsletter that can be sent to the target audience with the idea of increasing JGJ awareness and planned events by consolidating information for the campaigns, feedback and reports. SAUV can create an e-newsletter that can be published on the web site and can be read as a book.

The template will be professionally designed and based on client's existing data and the newsletter will be sent to prospective target groups.

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps organizations to increase awareness and to also get repeat customers to either view the latest and greatest ongoing campaigns or for review, read and provide feedback. We will design templates for email communications to stay in regular touch with them and to build strong customer relationships. Targeted email marketing leads to:

• Increase in awareness and Events/Ads/Videos
• Fast and Effective Customer Communication
• Quick Response from Customers & Reports
• Saving on paper and postage

SAUV will provide the customer with a user interface and appropriate work flow for targeted email marketing. Additionally, SAUV will provide analytics for both email and mobile campaigns to make the marketing more effective. These emails will also be integrated with online feedback / complaint forms so that customers can register complaints or feedback on the campaign.

Social Media Marketing

SAUV, being a leading Social Media Marketing Company provide result driven campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. We’re well versed with the integrated digital communication strategies, by which you get to analyze strong areas of your on-going web campaigns. Using social media promotions to help you get feedbacks and complaints is what makes SAUV a Social Media Marketing Company that stands apart. Tap into the expertise of the SAUV as your Social Media Agency and help your business boost its web-presence through prompt, customer-engaging promotions.

Guest Feedback /Surveys

Integrate SAUV's Guest feedback (web link), enquiry form, Join the Campaign feature with various JGJ websites, magazines, and various conference/social gatherings. This will help more audience to join the campaign. We can publish this on the website as well to create a bigger impact. Some of these can be anonymous feedback.

SAUV can collate the information and report it on the website or to the admin on daily basis. This can also be showcased to the consumers to demonstrate the effectiveness.

Mobile Marketing

Push based Mobile Marketing: SAUV has integrated mobile solutions that can be used for SMS/MMS based campaigns. Customers can piggy ride client's data base to create small groups for sending out introductions to new ads, videos, campaigns and initiate mobile based contests, event promotions, notifications, and acknowledgements. Two way SMS based Mobile Marketing & customer acquisitions. People can support the campaign, send queries/feedback/ complaints.

SAUV will provide a user interface and workflow for the client to send out SMS for marketing purposes to showcase various products/new products /alerts in conjunction with any course, notification, alerts and conferences etc. SAUV will also provide interface for uploading client's contacts and create multiple lists for client's customer data. SAUV will create application and can put this on the website/e-mailer/Facebook etc.

On line Event Management & its Marketing

SAUV is years ahead of other event registration applications available today in the market. SAUV can provide micro site to include conference/social gathering agenda, guest list, speakers and participants. It can also upload pictures, video, conference proceedings, feedback and so on. Additionally, SAUV will provide on line registration, various payment options, e-mailer invites with RSVP options, mobile integration for alerts, reports on registration and badge printing. SAUV intends to make the platform and workflow along with appropriate templates available to the client which in turn can package the same along with its own conference/ banquet/social gatherings planned for the client.

E-commerce initiative

Selling/give away tickets/ stickers/bumper stickers/buttons/other stuff to increase awareness.

Ad words - Google, Yahoo, Facebook

These are banner ads and ad words that we can buy to show case the campaign across various social networking sites.

Animations for Role Plays

Like ads, animations can be created and posted on the website for target audience to view and review. This can be linked with the news letter, e-mailer, SMS and social networking sites.