Films & Photography

SAUV's Film Consultant : Pushp Mitr
Image Consultant : Haran Kumar

Current Scenario

Most organizations do not have any photo bank or photo-archive that can meet their photo-positioning needs for their publications, advertisements, websites, and outdoors. Several organisation do not differentiate documentation photography need from aesthetic photography need and the problems they then confront are:

How is SAUV different?

How SAUV's photo-positioning scores over others:

  • SAUV provides a suitable team with equipments as per client's need which will consist of professional photographers, videographers, a photo editor and a photo research team.
  • While the front-team consisting of a photographer or videographer will be at the disposal of the client during specific project shoot hours, a green room back up team at our office will do the photo research, photo-documentation, photo-correction and photo-indexing for the client.
  • SAUV even undertakes digitalization exercise for the client at an extra cost.
  • SAUV's green room team will develop a proactive photo bank which includes shots taken by the regular photographer as well as related photographs from other sources to be used for publications, advertising, web-site and outdoor publicity of the client.
  • Since SAUV has several clients from various sectors, clients will be supplied with a substitute photographer whenever the regular one goes on leave.
  • Guiding the client about the suitable usage of photographs.
  • We use latest devices such as – Digital SLR Cameras with short & long distance lenses, tripods, latest video cameras with high resolution output, Macintosh PC for image corrections, hard disks for photo archiving and latest softwares.
  • SAUV can also provide the following additional services to the client (Out of Scope of work):

    If needed, our expert team will also guide the client about the usage of the photographs from time to time.