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Current Scenario

Most organizations willing to advertise professionally face two major problems:

How is SAUV different?

With our extensive network of the top of the line Indian and multinational agencies, SAUV facilitates a professional selection and empanelment of ad agencies. This may involve help in the preparation of Expression of Interest, Request for Quotation, identifying ad agencies relevant to the client's sector, drawing criteria for selection, and preparing terms of reference for the engagement.

Once empanelled, the next challenge is to take work out of the ad agency by giving them proper written brief, visual and copy idea, interacting with their marketing and creative team regularly so that their interest does not fade out in a small or uninitiated client. SAUV does this finger towing task for the client.

Further, SAUV lines up the right type of professional photographer and copy writer to back up and strengthen the selected agency's creatives. Customization, copy writing in Hindi, and right mix of photos and content are the tasks that SAUV takes up so that the selected agency does not lose focus.

Evaluation of a campaign by doing dip stick study is also our forte. This helps an agency to introspect during and between the campaigns and course correct if it is straying from its objectives.

SAUV undertakes the task of creating ad creatives too at the specific instance of the client. SAUV also specializes in preparing advertorial both in Hindi and English for the clients. Further SAUV even gets TV spots and Radio jingles prepared by outsourcing such jobs to reputed production houses on its panel at competitive rates.