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Current Scenario

What do you normally do to engage news media to fit your organization's activities? One possible way out is to hire a journalist. While hiring, what strengths of journalists you normally would like to weigh? That he can write press releases, rebuttals and feature stories for you. May be, he can ask some of his journalist friends to sing your song. At times you expect him to be resourceful enough to get some stories down played or hyped to your benefit.

But then where do you get stuck with his black holes? A journalist has few friends alright, but he also has a fair share of enemies in his pack. Far more importantly, journalists carry strong mind-sets against publicity and branding. He finds these phony, thanks to his professional training of holding power to account and of pulling trousers of rich and powerful down. Singing praise song is not his natural forte. Once he starts doing it, he gets sucked into your organization's subculture - idea fatigue starts setting in and to reinvent constantly is an uphill task.

If you have a thick purse, the other option is that you hire a PR agency. PR agencies invariably show you the moon while pitching. A team of hired and in-house smartly attired professionals may claim perceptional turn around. But when you hire the agency you land up with one or two fresh from the oven PR hires who keep running to you asking "tell me what to do". Soon you realize that the gap between claim and deed is becoming huge indeed. Moreover, account personnel of such agencies have little exposure to the world of designing and advertising and their PR campaign has little alignment with advertising campaign.

How is SAUV different?

Before under taking the media engagement job of a client, SAUV does a cursory research on the media presence and media image of the client and identifies the fault lines. Our work starts thereafter. Logically it also evaluates the alignment status between the client’s PR campaign and advertising campaign, both online and offline.

Media engagement is only one of the communication functions SAUV performs in the client's setting by placing a team of media relations professionals full time. Role of this front line team is to perform media relations functions such as to prepare press releases, mail press releases, do follow up calls and send reminder messages to journalists, make thanks giving calls, prepare pro-active story banks, release them from time to time, line up interviews and feature stories or talk-show participation for client etc. But the story does not end here.

The said front team is backed by SAUV's green room team which would develop relevant story bank for the client with the help of story writers and photo-bank through professional photographers. Photo-folio of the chief organiser is separately prepared that adds to the photo-bank. Stories out of this story-bank and photo-bank are sent as fillers between events during lean time just as during any event press release is sent to the media.

Further, the back team works on audience mapping, creating spokesperson profiles, preparing data base of contact details of the relevant local, national and international journalists, NGOs, officials and other stake holders, team training, media training module as a capacity building program, press kit development, event schedule mapping and preparing milestone calendar.

SAUV can, at an extra cost, undertake the local and national media tracking for you and can also develop online e-media clipping for you daily. This e-media clipping looks like a natural e-newspaper. In the process, no matter where you are in any part of the world, you get access to all newspaper stories concerning your organisation that have appeared on a particular day. For international media tracking, again at an extra cost, SAUV can line up reputed agencies for you that may help you develop a research base in the areas of your interest, build up best practices list and help anticipate criticisms.

In addition to the media relations function explained above, SAUV undertakes to perform public affairs management function for the client in which it facilitates smooth relations of the client with its stake holders. Public affairs basically entail maintaining government relations and a committed representative for the client is groomed who helps being the eyes and ears of the client and maintain cordial relations.